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ImpulsePro 2: Free Responsive OpenCart Admin Theme (Bootstrap)

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Date Published
1st April 2015

ImpulsePro 2 is a free, premium quality & responsive OpenCart Theme for your Admin Dashboard that improves your admin dashboard experience by removing the dullness of the default OpenCart Admin Template.


URL: http://livedemo.base5builder.com/impulsepro/admin/
User: demo
Pass: demo

Most Praised Features

It's Free!

ImpulsePro 2 is a Premium OpenCart Theme for admins that I'm giving free for you to download and use on your personal and commercial websites. (see license for details)


ImpulsePro 2 is compatible with most OpenCart themes & extensions. However, I only provide support for compatibility with the OpenCart default admin theme. For increased compatibility, try my Premium OpenCart Admin Theme Energize.

Simple Stylish Design

ImpulsePro 2 gets rid of the dull default OpenCart template and replaces it with a simple yet vibrant design... It's like a Premium OpenCart Theme. If you would like more colors and to brand your admin, try my other Premium Template, Energize.

Fast Loading

ImpulsePro 2 has no bloat features or files, which means your admin dahsboard will load quickly and without slowdown.

ImpulsePro has a wide range of features!
ImpulsePro 2 is Fully Responsive

Fully Responsive

Manage your store regardless of which device you use. Desktop, ipad, tablet, iphone, android devices run ImpulsePro 2 smoothly without issue.

One-Click Installation & Uninstallation

No OpenCart files are deleted. ImpulsePro 2 has it's own files, so just upload the theme and click install.
If you don't want to use the Admin Theme any longer, just disable it with one click and you are back to the default OpenCart Dashboard.

ImpulsePro 2 has One-Click Installation & Uninstallation

QoreEngine: OpenCart Admin Theme Engine

Built with QoreEngine

QoreEngine is an OpenCart Theme Engine for the admin that I built as an extension specifically for OpenCart so that design changes wont affect your website functionality.

Unlike my previous theme, which altered multiple OpenCart admin files, QoreEngine simply plugs into OpenCart as an extension and acts as a connection between my new OpenCart Themes and OpenCart. This means most (if not all) of your extensions will work out of the box. For those that aren't, it will be a lot easier and faster for me to make them compatible.

Do you need...

- ...to Brand your OpenCart admin?

- ...more dashboard Stats?

- ...a Premium OpenCart Admin Theme?

Energize: Premium OpenCart Theme

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