QuillPro - Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard

12 Months Support ( License Details )

$25 - $115
$19 - $94

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12 Months Support ( License Details )

$500 - $2,300
$380 - $1940

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What is QuillPro?

QuillPro is a multipurpose Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template that allows you to build and launch your projects in the quickest time possible. We understand tight project deadlines, that is why we made QuillPro's code easy to understand and easy integrate into your projects... whether new or existing.

Try the demo

URL: https://base5builder.com/livedemo/quillpro/v2.0/html/frontend-index.html

Date Created
12th January 2019
Date Updated
HTML Templates

More Awesome Features

HTML + Laravel 5 + Rails + React Projects

  • 100+ HTML files
  • SASS/SCSS files svailable
  • RTL language support (Arabic, Hebrew, etc)
  • Laravel & Rails: 25+ Apps Ready-to-deploy
  • Laravel: Controllers Logic Ready
  • React: No HTML Components
  • Copy/Paste to your project
  • Excellent documentation (Beginner-friendly)
  • Excellent Support
  • See QuillPro Demo

Ready-Made Cards

These card are made with specific uses in mind.

Multiple Charts

Show your data in easy-to-deply charts that are simple yet come with advance features. See the charts in action

Special Cards

QuillPro comes with multifuncational special cards that you can use to beautify your project almost instantly. Check of the demo to see special all cards

Excellent Support, Documentation & Updates

  • Whether you have the Single License or Multiple License, sometimes you may need alittle help. That's why we give you excellent support with your purchase. See different licenses for details
  • From the very first line of code, we made sure that QuillPro is extremely easy for anyone integrate into their project. See Documentation

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

How easy is it to use QuillPro?

All you need to know is how to use Bootstrap 4 and that's it! You can just follow the guide on the Bootstrap 4 website when building your dashboard. QuillPro handles the rest. If you want to fully utilize QuillPro's styles, then follow the documentation that accompanies this purchase.

Can I see the documentation?

Sure, you can! Here you go: Latest QuillPro Documentation

How is QuillPro built?

To allow easy integration, we built QuillPro on Bootstrap 4. It has an easy "plug and play" approach which makes it straight-forward when making changes and building new elements and functions.

QuillPro on the Bootstrap 4 foundation and changes only the necessary HTML and CSS/SASS files in order to give QuillPro's unique style.

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